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The Berri Cottage Homes was started in 1973 by a group of local Ministers, residents and Service Clubs with the aim of providing reasonable priced accommodation for the elderly of the district.

The Units are built in blocks of two, each pair being set in beautiful gardens with ample space to give a sense of privacy and quiet.

The village is in a prime position, very close to the Plaza which houses a supermarket, chemist, bank and several speciality shops. It is within walking distance of the main town centre, various Government Departments and the beautiful riverfront. 

During the latter months of 2021 Saint Catherine's Nursing Home (Calvary) and Berri Medical Clinic will relocate to new buildings just along from Berri Cottage Homes on McGilton Road, Berri.

Visitors and guests

  • We encourage Residents to keep links with relatives, friends and other people from outside the village.Visitors or short-stay guests are welcome any time, and there is no need for you to get our consent or let us know they are coming. A visitor or short-stay guest is somebody who visits during the day or stays overnight for up to fourteen (14) calendar days.
  • You must ask us beforehand and get our consent if you want to have a guest live with you on a temporary basis. A guest is somebody, other than a new spouse or de facto, who intends to stay for more than fourteen (14) calendar days. We will not unreasonably refuse such a request.
  • You must take all reasonable steps to see that your visitors or guests (including tradespeople) comply with the residence rules. Any visitor or guest who seriously or repeatedly breaks the rules may be asked to leave the village immediately.
  • A caravan shall not at any time be used to accommodate persons visiting the Resident for periods in excess of fourteen (14) calendar days. The caravan is not an extension of the Unit.

Noise, Nuisance

  • As with any other residential complex, a level of noise within the village is to be expected. However, you must not make any noise likely to unreasonably interfere with the quiet enjoyment of others in the village. This rule applies whether you are inside your residence or in common areas.
  • When listening to music or a radio, or playing computer games, or watching television, you should not have the volume turned high enough to be heard from outside your residence. Residents with hearing difficulties are encouraged to use headphones or other aids.
  • The Resident shall not cause any annoyance to other Residents or members of the Public and should Cottage Homes so determine that alcohol has been a contributing factor to the annoyance of any other Resident or member of the Public Cottage Homes may in its absolute discretion prohibit the use of alcohol in the Unit or land appurtenant thereto.


  • As parking spaces are limited within the village, you may park a vehicle only in your own garage, driveway, carport or other parking area allocated specifically to you or to all Residents. You must not park or stand a vehicle on any other part of the village. This rule does not prevent you from stopping to allow passengers to get out of or enter your vehicle. However, under no circumstances may a vehicle be parked or driven on grassed areas. In this rule “vehicle” means a car, caravan, trailer, boat or other motorised vehicle.
  • In the interests of safety, drivers within the village must obey speed limits and other traffic signs at all times.
  • “Visitor Parking” spots are available throughout the village.
  • The Resident shall be permitted to house a caravan on site at the discretion of Cottage Homes (not for long term accomodation). 


  • The Residents are not permitted to keep dogs or cats.
  • You may keep fish or a small caged bird (eg a canary, budgerigar) in your residence at any time, without the need to let us know or get our consent. For the safety of other Residents, no other animals (including cats or dogs or larger birds such as galahs) are to be kept in your residence or brought into the village.

Gardening and landscaping

  • The state of the grounds is important to the overall appearance of the village for Residents and visitors. It is our responsibility to maintain all the lawns and gardens on common areas in a presentable condition.
  • However, if you want to assist, such as by watering or weeding the common area near your residence, you are welcome to do so. You must not prune or remove plants, take cuttings or pick flowers from the common area gardens without our consent.
  • You must not use any part of common areas as your own garden without our consent. If we give consent, it is your responsibility to keep the area in a presentable condition, until you tell us you are no longer able or willing to garden.
  • If your residence has its own garden, it is your responsibility to keep it in a presentable condition. Care should be taken when buying new plants for your garden. You must avoid plants that grow rapidly or commonly cause allergic reactions. Trees, shrubs or vines with the potential to grow in excess of two (2) metres (that is, approximately 6ft 6in) in height must not be planted without our consent.
  • Residents may elect to no longer look after the garden around their unit and should contact and inform the Secretary so that the garden can be returned to the default state of six (6) rose bushes in a bed of tree bark.
  • Garden Sheds, as outbuildings, erected at the expense of the Resident on any land appurtenant to the Unit shall be deemed the property of Cottage Homes provided however that the Resident will retain the right of exclusive possession of such outbuildings during the tenancy of the Resident - however, they may be removed or on-sold during that tenancy.

Garbage disposal

  • For health and safety reasons, you must ensure that your garbage is securely wrapped before placing it in a bin.
  • For health and safety reasons, you must ensure that your garbage bin is clean and tidy at all times and stored in a safe place near to your unit.
  • You must not litter or leave rubbish on village property, other than in the bins provided.
  • Under no circumstance is the burning of garden waste permitted within the village. Please discuss with the Gardener or Secretary any assistance you may require with the removal of green waste.
  • Residents are supplied with red and yellow bins.
  • A rubbish skip is located at Entrance #2 and Residents are encouraged to place unwanted green matter there.

Common area restrictions

  • The common areas are provided for the use and enjoyment of all Residents. Signs posted on or at common areas, about such matters as hours of use, form part of these rules and must be obeyed.
  • You must not place objects which cause obstruction of walkways, entrances, stairways, corridors, fire escapes, lights, windows or other parts of the common areas. (For example, pot plants, hoses, brooms, rakes and other items may present a hazard if left on common areas).
  • When in common areas you and your visitors and guests must be adequately clothed and must not use language or behave in a manner likely to cause offence or embarrassment to another person.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any building other than your residence or designated areas.
  • It is our job to maintain and clean the common areas. You may assist by sweeping or vacuuming the pathway or corridor immediately outside your residence.

External appearance of residences

  • The Resident shall not affix any devices or other fixtures and fittings to the exterior of the Unit or any part thereof, without the prior written permission and consent of Cottage Homes provided that such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  • In the interests of safety, you are advised not to place objects which may fall, such as pot plants, on any ledge, sill or elevated surface.
  • The Resident shall not, without the prior written permission of Cottage Homes erect or permit to be erected any non-standard wireless aerial or TV antenna on the Unit.

Internal appearance of residences

  • We expect that your residence will be kept clean and tidy to our reasonable satisfaction.
  • The Resident shall not, without the prior written permission of Cottage Homes paint or wallpaper any part of the Unit.
  • In the event the Resident requests any extras, additions or variations to the standard construction of a building which standard is determined by Cottage Homes from time to time, the Resident shall pay for the said extras, additions or variations immediately upon the written request by Cottage Homes and in the event this Contract is terminated for whatever reason the monies paid by the Resident for such extras, additions or variations shall be forfeited to Cottage Homes.

Important notes about these rules

  • It is our job to enforce the rules fairly and equitably.
  • If you believe that a rule is harsh or unconscionable (Retirement Villages Act 2016,“Harsh or unconscionable residence rules”), you should, in the first instance, discuss your concerns with us and /or attempt to resolve any matter according to the village’s dispute resolution process.
  • If you do not comply with these rules, we may apply to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal for an order that you comply or, in serious or persistent cases, an order to terminate your right of occupation.
  • From time to time, we may amend these rules in consultation with the Resident’s Committee. When this occurs, an amended set of rules will be issued to you.