To Interested Persons

Interested persons

The Berri Cottage Homes is a non-profit making incorporated Association, benefiting elderly and retired persons. The title to the land on which the Cottage Homes is located has been endorsed in accordance with the SA Retirement Village Act 2016.

All residents are members of the Association and there are currently 86 Units. The Village is managed by an elected, volunteer Board of Management.

The following is some information regarding access or entry to the Berri Cottage Homes for retired / semi-retired persons, which may be helpful to intending residents.

Residents must be 55 years or older.

There are two (2) types of units in the Village:

  • Resident funded units. *
  • Rental units. **

Resident funded Renovated units

The resident funded units are all two bedroom units and built to the enclosed floor plan.

Outside additions to the units, such as enclosing verandas and the erection of a tool shed etc. are permitted on request to the Board and paid for by the tenant. Personal additions inside the unit would include floor coverings, soft furnishings, overhead fans etc.

Apart from personal additions to the Unit, some of which may be inherited from the previous resident, the Board is responsible for all maintenance to the buildings, gardens, lawns and surroundings, and it pays all rates, taxes and the insurance cover on the buildings. To fund the maintenance, the resident is required to pay a weekly maintenance fee* or rent**.

The resident is responsible for their personal electricity charges, telephone charges and the insurance on their personal items and contents. To occupy a Resident funded Unit, the Resident will lend to Cottage Homes a Premium - the sum determined for the available Unit by the Board. The Resident receives a Licence to Occupy. No rent is paid by the Resident and the Cottage Homes pays no interest on the Premium. Later, when the unit is vacated, 80% of the loan is refunded. These units, when vacated, are where necessary, upgraded, repainted, restored and professionally cleaned. The value of the Premium is determined by the Board. The resident secures the licence with a $1,000.00 deposit on commitment to occupy and followed by a signed Contract between the parties. Payment of the balance of the Premium (at an agreed time) is made on Settlement, prior to moving in.

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* The Maintenance Fee on resident funded units is currently $88.00 per week and is subject to revision in September each year.
** The Rent on one bedroom rental units is currently $100.00 per week, and is subject to revision in September each year.

For further information please contact:

The Secretary,
Berri Cottage Homes Inc.
PO Box 21,
BERRI SA 5343.

08 8582 4970